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Before 5am

Richard Branson once said that waking up very early in the morning was key to success. When I first heard that, I was almost ready to give up on being successful. Then I experienced a sunrise surf for the very first time.  

I would look out the window, my eyes still half asleep, and the sound of morning birds singing through the air. I would then dart for the beach rain or shine, grab the vax and put a layer on my board to prevent from slipping. It was as easy as that!

Driving through Catangnan village early in the morning feels like travelling through a completely different place. The village is usually very vibrant in the evenings, full of chatter, the smell of charcoal-grilled fish and homemade spices filling the streets, kids running from one side to another, dogs barking at anything and everything. But early mornings in Catangnan are different, inhabited by only a few people here and there wearing humble smiles as they open their stores. The life and energy of Catagnan returns in full force when you get to The Boardwalk. The local surfers are never quiet. “Chana, chana!” Let’s go! It’s only 5am and yet they seize the day with not a minute to lose, their spirit and excitement nothing less than inspiring.


It’s happening. The sky begins to brighten . The late evening blues turn to a pinkish orange brushstroke on a nightly canvas. The sun peers through the clouds and its warm rays inject life into your veins. Feeling the morning sun on your skin when walking on the boardwalk is life-changing, it leaves you feeling rejuvenated and recharged.

Our steps lead to the tower first to check the waves. How’s the swell? How many seconds period? How are the waves breaking? Ready? Chana!

As I move through the water the coolness merges with the warmth of the pacific sun, my gaze fixed on the challenge ahead, a wave rising and curving on the horizon. I begin to strategize my first surf with a fresh perspective: plan, execute and prevail.

Before 5am

This might seem like any other morning workout in a beautiful environment. But it’s only 7:30am! And guess what? I’ve already managed to surf, have my bowl of fresh island fruits and go through today’s work plan. On top of it all, I feel energized, active, awake, alert and the soothing yet exhilarating sunrise surf has left me ready to take the day by storm. Organised and motivated, I’m ready to get started! And if that isn’t the perfect recipe for productivity, what is?