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We’re helping businesses boost their performance on the beach. But the BizTreat story, ironically, begins in a city. More precisely, the city of London, a place separated from the beach by a five-hour drive. It was here that two soon-to-be surfing enthusiasts, not knowing each other yet, resolved to follow their dreams and travelled to a small island in the Philippines. Inspired by their experiences living in a tropical paradise, they re-entered the business world and they brought with them a whole new way of looking at company culture.

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Veronika and Sasha both loved their jobs. However, leading a successful career in a fast paced city comes with a price. Burning out from busy working lives led the product manager and the marketing executive to a parallel resolution of taking time out. Upon arriving to the surfing capital of the Philippines, Siargao, originally for a holiday, they were instantly sucked in. It was decided – the island became their home and it was only a matter of time until at one of Siargao’s Art Nights, Sasha approached Veronika, who was jamming on a tambourine with a local band.

In Siargao, the two former city professionals felt immediately motivated and more productive thanks to daily sunrise surf and yoga sessions. But it wasn’t only the new lifestyle that offered a different, more mindful way to think about the work. Having previously led teams to a more empowered way of working, Veronika noticed that the same capabilities like radical collaboration, agility, creativity and making, which became decisive business success factors, were present in the islanders’ approach to solving everyday challenges. For Siargaonons it was the remote, resource poor and nature reliant environment that had set the necessity of coming up with new kinds of survival skills. For businesses worldwide it was the technology revolution and the globalisation that didn’t give them other choice but to embrace the digital transformation from within companies. Siargao has become an inspiration for a new way of developing business culture of the future.

Veronika and Sasha got excited about the opportunity and began with user research followed by product design, building relationships with vendors and collaborators and putting together the team. They built BizTreat from scratch in mere four months. As huge fans of prototyping, they run BizTreat Beta aimed at founders and independent business executives in April 2017, funded from their own pockets. That turned out to be a success and a massive learning experience which helped them to pivot. Team and company retreats became BizTreat’s leading product. The two enthusiastic entrepreneurs invested all they had, including selling Sasha’s apartment. Their passion for and trust in what BizTreat has to offer immediately attracted high profile partners and first clients.

The future of business is exciting, but most importantly, it is already here. BizTreat team is on a mission to help company teams become as inventive and as stoked as Siargao’s islanders.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Our team

We are fun & creative crew.

Our philosophy

Our key to success is simple – focus ruthlessly on delivering value at all stages of the BizTreat experience, from planning to execution and output. What makes BizTreat different? Well, everything.

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Our mission is take you on a deep dive through your company culture. What inspires your employees? How can we harness their inspirations and ambitions to facilitate positive business outcomes? Our team of battle-tested industry experts are here to help you focus on the issues that matter by taking care of everything from food and accommodation to planning and executing a personalised program of inspirational exercises for you and your team. Simply put, at BizTreat we do things comprehensively, and even offer a pre-event diagnosis, professional facilitation and wellness training, and post-event consultation and coaching to ensure you’re focusing on the right thing, in the right way, with nothing but lasting value in mind.

Nature and location

Getting away from the office every now and then is essential. Nature has a proven healing effect on people, with rejuvenating benefits so rich and plentiful they can’t be overlooked. That’s why a core aspect of our mission is to transport you to some the most special places on Earth, wherein the lush and diverse environments play an instrumental part in all our activities. In doing so, we create wholly unfamiliar scenarios and situations that encourage your team to become more adaptable, creative and collaborative.

Physical Activities

Can surfing inspire your team to be more present in the workplace? Can martial arts empower your employees’ presentation skills? And can yoga teach you to be more empathetic towards your clients? Physical fitness is a huge contributor to mental health and professional success. We know this all too well and make it our heartfelt mission to interweave physical exercise in each of our company-tailored activities.

Involvement of the local culture

Booking a holiday and staying in a resort is easy… and conventional. Where’s the fun in settling for a traditional off-site retreat focused around exclusive company events? BizTreat is more than just a retreat, it’s an experience. We entrust your employees with new real-world perspectives by taking your team out of the office and into the unfamiliar. Our mission is to give your employees the opportunity to engage with the world around them, to let them experience diversity first hand and even discover new ways of addressing pressing social and environmental problems.

Immersive learning

We learn through play until about the age of 5, which is when we’re told that playing is no longer cool. What a mistake! To cater to all learning styles, BizTreat is committed to being a learn through play programme. We swap the boring, never-ending presentations for sensory activities that give participants the opportunity to self-reflect. We’re passionately determined to seeing your employees embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery that they’ll remember forever, instead of remaining unchanged by traditional instruction. And most importantly, it works. Active and experiential learning engages attention spans while radical collaboration methodologies builds ownership of all challenges.

BizTreat was born out of market shifts. In the same way that new products and services emerge by confronting everyday problems, the world of work requires next level ideas and treatment to bring it into the 21st century. BizTreat’s philosophy is a result of deliberate, constantly evolving processes that reflects those market shifts. With us, you can be sure that you’re signing up for a holistic experience with a purpose that generates impact and value for your business, while making it all feel like play, of course.

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